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Tails and More

Article excerpts from the American Field Magazine written by Dr. Pat McInteer titled
​"Tails and More"

Recent articles in the American Field concerning high-tailed dogs and the effect of the high tail on the lumbosacral joint interests me. Several persons have asked my opinion on this matter.

My answer is that I really do not know whether high tails contribute to arthritis of the lumbosacral joint. What I do know is that arthritis of the lumboscral joint, with or without disc disease, is a very common lesion in all sizes and all breeds of dogs. In pointing dogs, the effects of lumbosacral disease will often cause a lowering of the tail level while running and / or on point.

Anterior cruciate ligament tear probably has a genetic weakness component based on the number of incidence seen where the other leg is affected after the first (cruciate tear) leg. Breeding dogs with torn ACLs probably contributes to the higher incidence we are seeing at this time and I do NOT recommend using dogs with ACL ruptures for breeding.

I feel that too much emphasis is placed on the 12:00 tail. Judges without adequate bird dog experience often look at the tail, disregarding race, bird-finding ability, stamina, use of the wind, etc.

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