Breeding for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a bird dog with outstanding CLASS!

Verification Program

"Our breeding program is set at extremely high standards we only breed females that are my personal gun dogs that hunt with extreme style, great noses, natural retrievers, honor naturally, and have that wanting to please attitude. Great personality!! The female and stud dog must have a square rear leg set. No cow hocked dogs (cow hocked dogs with age results in torn or stretched ACL).

Our stud dogs and brood bitches hips are x-rayed by our vet and we only breed dogs with perfect hips.

Also, we only breed to females outside of our kennel that have their hips X-rayed and are right. Another thing we DO NOT do is clipping the tips of our puppies tails at birth to prevent curly tail pointers at maturity. The poorly done ones look like a short hair or a squared off tail !! The puppy mill mentality breeders are doing this.

Our pups dew claws are removed, wormed weekly, well socialized, and walked daily. We recommend picking your pup at 6 - 8 weeks. Pups are vaccinated between 5 - 6 weeks for Parvo and are given a health check by the vet. We are one of the few kennels that have these requirements in their breeding program. We just try to do it right." ~ Steve

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